John M. Cavote founded UDC in 1979 and serves as the company's Chairman of the Board. His father as well as grandfather were also involved in the power industry providing a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass from generation to generation. The extensive experience and knowledge of the industry served as the catalyst for the many training courses and manuals he has published. These courses cover the history of the industry, inspection techniques of the boiler, NDE applications as well as metallurgical insight into boiler tube failures and methods of prevention. John's philosophy is based on the distinctive value of the quality of the inspector. His leadership continues to promote value to clients, providing them guidance for improving maintenance programs, plant personnel and greater reliability and availability of their units. 

When Mr. Cavote is not at the office, he is focused on enjoying his spare time with his wife, children, grandchildren as well as his faithful side kick Akeko, and his horses.   John M. Cavote Resume

Laurie L. Cavote began her industry career as a field service inspector and evolved to the position of Chief Executive Officer. Laurie has brought great talent to the UDC team. Her projects at UDC include boiler technical support to utility, industrial, and governmental clients. This includes outage management, boiler and boiler auxiliary evaluations, assessments, testing, failure analysis, and construction. She has been responsible for the implementation of products known as TRACKER, GTRACK, INSPECTION CHECK LIST which are some of the industry's leading boiler maintenance management software applications. 

When she is not working Laurie enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren as well as her horses. 

Jon S. Cavote is President and Chief Operating Officer and has been with the company 13 years. He works with clients both in the field and in a consult capacity for overhauls as well as being one of UDC's educational instructors. Jon holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania as well as AABA Level II Boiler Assessor certification. He enjoys seeing our team function fluently together resulting in overall corporate health and success.

When he is not working you will find Jon spending time with his family as well as golfing, scuba diving, or exercising. He values his opportunity and responsibility as a father to his four wonderful sons. 

Tina R. Sage is  experienced and goal-oriented and acts as Chief Financial Officer and Business Manager. She has been with UDC for 7 years boasting a demonstrated track record of leading preparation and analysis of financial reports to summarize and forecast financial position. She possesses proven skill in driving efficiency and productivity through thorough evaluation of financial management systems and implementation of process improvements. She demonstrates success principals as a very talented leader directing office staff and management teams to support achievement of overall corporate goals and objectives.

When not at the office Tina enjoys spending time with her husband and family.    

Clark Van Kampen, US Marine veteran now serves as VP of Information & Technology for UDC. He has been with the company over 18 years and has served in many capacities within the organization. His educational background consists of a broad range of studies which include nuclear, biological & chemical warfare, Natural Circulation Boiler Design E.H. Mayer,  Boiler Auxiliaires E. G. Lansing, Supercritical Boiler Design & Preventative Maintenance Engineering as well as computer programming. Traveling, meeting new people, facing new challenges and the opportunity of tackling new responsibilities as well as the family friendly environment of UDC are some of the things he finds most rewarding in his job. 

In his personal time he enjoys working on cars (hot rods) & trucks, motorcycling, off road ATV's, being outdoors, scuba diving, home improvement projects, cooking, grilling and spending time with family and friends.

Patrick L. Keating is experienced in outage management, outage planning, weld tracking, and component replacement Pat currently holds the position of Field Services Manager FW Division. He has been with the company for 12 years and holds AWS/CWI certifications. One of the things he considers a plus about is his job is the opportunity to travel. 

In his leisure time Pat enjoys cars, bikes and football.

Robert (Rob) M. Bevilacqua is the Division Manager, Field Services and has been with the company 4 years. His previous experience includes residential construction management and logistics/ transportation in the Army as a Captain. He holds a BA degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania as well as UT, VT, PT, MT (level 2 limited) and AABA Level II certifications. The excitement of traveling to different utilities and assisting with overall availability and reliability of the plant/system as well as a vast amount of knowledge available to be acquired over time are things he enjoys about his job.   

Outside of work Rob enjoys golf, softball, SCUBA, exercise and all sports.

David Slinker, is Director over UDC Aerobotics, and has been with UDC just over three years. Prior to coming on board with UDC David worked eight years as a 3rd Generation Explosives Expert followed by serving as an Infantry War Veteran in the US Army's 101st Airborne Division January 2005 to July 2008 with one year of service in Iraq for the War on terrorism. His certifications and training include Level II NDE Certified in UT, MT, VT and PT Methods as well as Level II AABA Boiler Assessor. He enjoys traveling to different utilities as well as the never ending dynamic learning curve that comes with the jobs performed for clients. 

When he is not working David enjoys outdoor activities, scuba diving and gunsmithing.

Brandon R. Schulz leads R&D as Technical Director in the Aerobotics division and is currently pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. He enjoys turning new ideas into functional models that benefit the company and clients. Drawing from over 15 years of experience in radio control robotics Brandon posesses vast knowledge required for his position. Combining his unique skill set with UDC's outside-the-box thinking, Brandon is passionate about the big future for the Aerobotics division.

For liesure Brandon enjoys flying radio control aircraft, biking, and being outdoors.

Karla Johnson (KJ) has been with UDC for 15 years and is the Office Assistant as well as Education Administrative Assistant. She enjoys talking with clients and continually gives her best effort to improve customer satisfaction. 

During her leisure time KJ enjoys horses, four wheeling, flea markets, and monster trucks.

Melissa Edmonds (Missy) was recruited in 2007 as support personnel to the Vice President of Operations / Field Services Division and is currently the Field Service Coordinator. Among her many qualifications she possesses experience and consistency necessary to handle this fast-paced, deadline driven environment involving all administrative facets of the field services department. Her responsibilities include electronic coordination and scheduling of all field service and educational training professionals, travel and lodging arrangements, mail distribution, client research and procurement and disbursement of all field service equipment and consumables. 

Missy enjoys hanging out with family and friends when she is not working. Some of her interest include horses, sports, movies and home improvement projects.

Beth Cavote, Administrative Assistant, has been with the company for two years. The thing  she enjoys most about her job is the interaction with co-workers. 

Her hobbies and interests when she is not at work include spending time with her family & friends, going to wineries, scuba diving and traveling.  

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