Inspection Techniques Class - Louisville, Ky

UDC Boiler InspectionTechniques
Training Session
Louisville, Kentucky 2015

Boiler Inspection Techniques
Session Topics Include:
  • Affects of Boiler Cycling
  • Low Load Operation
  • Failure Mechanisms
  • Buckstay Inspections
  • Bottom Ash Inspections
  • Coutant Slope Inspections
  • Waterwall Inspections
  • Backpass Inspections
  • Superheater Inspections
  • Reheater Inspections
  • Penthouse Inspections
  • Dead Air Space Inspections
  • Life Assessment Inspections
  • Economizer Inspections
  • Priority of Repairs
  • Outage Teams
  • Outage Budgeting
  • Tricks of the Trade for Boiler Inspections

 Presentation By Dr Rama Koripelli on Boiler Tube Failure Mechanisms

 Presenting Industry Authorities Include:
  • Jon S. Cavote - United Dynamics 'AT' Corporation -CEO
  • Ron Stein- United Dynamics 'AT' Corporation - Manager Education Services
  • Dr. Rama Koripelli- David N French Metallurgists
June2nd, 3rd, 4th 2015
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