UDC Offers Boiler Assessor Certification Training

United Dynamics Corporation's John M. Cavote is the authorized Level 4 Boiler Assessor Engineer /Trainer for the American Association of Boiler Assessors (AABA).


AABA 's effort to establish best practice standardization of boiler assessor methodology and training across the industry community has driven the development of training criteria for multi level certifications. Industry expert, John M. Cavote is the first AABA authorized trainer. John has authored some 20 plus training manuals as well as developed field guides for EPRI covering the topics of Outage Inspection, HRSG Inspection and Best Practices. He has written exclusive course training manuals meeting all the criteria set forth by AABA for producing qualified, progressive training through a curriculum balanced with all the standards of AABA. These various course levels are currently offered only through UDC intermittently and annually with on-site testing through AABA immediately following the training. For more information visit aa-ba.org.

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