Boiler Inspection Services

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Visual Inspections

Utility Fossil-Fired Boilers

Heat Recovery Steam Generators/ HRSG

Black Liquor Recovery Boilers

Waste-to-Energy (Refuse) Boilers 

Certified Weld Inspections

Visual Inspections of Auxiliaries 

Material Condition Assessments

Cad Services 

Remaining Life Assessments 

Outage Management 

Component Replacement Management  

Inspection services are UDC's core business.

All repair recommendations through our boiler inspection services are unbiased; based on sound engineering judgment, experience, and quantitative data for justification purposes. An understanding and regard for current plant economic environment is considered in the evaluation process for every repair recommendation.

Fossil fuels, waste to energy, and HRSG units are our specialty. Annually UDC performs 80 to 100 boiler inspections on average within the continental U.S.A. servicing a variety of makes, vintages and designs to include B&W, CE, FW and Riley Stoker. The units range from 20MW to 1300MW.

Our portfolio also includes work performed internationally to include Australia, Canada, China, the Dominican Republic, Korea, Trinidad, and the Virgin Islands. The international work scopes encompass inspection program evaluating consultation, boiler inspections as well as educational training seminars.

UDC boiler inspection field service representatives are all certified and perform inspections utilizing the highest industry standards for best practices of boiler inspection services worldwide.

Our unique in-the-field exposure to the various makes, both fossil and HRSG units and vintages of boiler systems combined with the highest standard of our annual educational training ensures solid assessor's, qualified and able to perform unsurpassed visual boiler inspection services.

The boiler inspection service techniques employed by our boiler assessors assist our clients in the operation of value based maintenance management processes across entire systems resulting in greater reliability, availability, and efficiency.