HRSG Inspection

Gas Side
Dead Air Space

Long time leader in boiler inspection for power generation utility boilers, UDC has a dedicated HRSG Field Services Division offering the same excellence for inspection of HRSG units.

 External Inspection

Indicates where to look internally for trouble spots and point out potential problematic issues. 

        Items Inspected 

  • Ductwork
  • Stack
  • Pipe Support        
  • Expansion Joints Casings (Hotspots Roof & Undercarriage)
  • Supports & Foundation
  • Pipe Supports & Penetrations



HRSG Drums are commonly larger and open.

Borescope inspection technique is highly recommended.

          Discovery Data Includes 

  • Corrosion & Cracking
  • Foaming & Proper Drum Levels
  • FAC in IP & LP Sections






Gas Side Inspection

Post-external inspection insuring internal areas discovered are closely inspected. 

Assessment of gas exposed components general condition.

        Items Inspected 

  • Tube & Fin Condition
  • SC
  • Baffles          
  • GT Exhaust Housing and Transition
  • Duct Burners 
  • Duct Condition
  • Insulation
  • Turning Vanes 
  • Tube support 


Upper & Lower Dead Air Space Inspection


Tight space requiring close inspection

Upper dead air space requires cut in of access hole in the skin casings. 

        Items Inspected  

  • Header Supports
  • Header, Pipe & Tube Condition
  • General Area
  • Gas Line Seals
  • Inner Lining





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