Client Testimonials

PacifiCorp Energy has employed the services of UDC within our fleet since 2002, particularly at our Naughton plant. They have consistently provided a very high standard boiler inspection and reporting service. No doubt they have saved us a number of forced outages. The primary contact for us has been Jon S. Cavote. Jon and his crew have worked very closely with us over the years and his report summaries have been a key component for our future outage planning and scope development. UDC has always strived to further develop their capability over the years, not only in boiler inspection but in higher level NDE techniques. Starting around 2008, UDC developed their capability using Linear Phased Array for tube weld inspection. Typically PacifiCorp will use LPA inspection on nearly 100% of all new tubes welds installed during major outages. UDC has consistently provided qualified technicians to perform this critical function. Going forward I believe that UDC will continue to refine their capability and further develop and expand into other areas including high energy piping and HRSG inspection.



JEA would like to thank UDC for the excellent on-site Combined Boiler Inspection and Boiler  Tube Analysis Training. UDC was selected to provide this training to a diverse group of employees consisting of welders,  Engineers, Operators and Managers to improve the collective understanding of issues that impact boiler failures and tube life. All the attendees found the training to be very entertaining, informative and full of useful ideas that could be applied readily during the next shut down. All attendees felt that it was an honor to be in a class taught by Dr. French and Mr. Cavote who are the respective leaders in the field of boiler tube analysis and boiler inspection. The lessons learned from the training class provided immediate returns. An example is the cancellation of a $1.5 million boiler repair project, and another example is the discovery of a potential problem with some water wall tubes which could have resulted in long term chronic boiler tube failures. I just wanted to provide some feedback that the UDC training class received excellent reviews by all attendees and we are continuing to reap benefits of the knowledge gained every time a boiler comes down for a shutdown. We would highly recommend any of the UDC training for all the plant personnel.

When you choose UDC, you get repeatable quality, consistency, and experience.