Turbine Inspection Services

United Dynamics Advanced Technologies Corporation is offering complete Turbine Inspection, Assessment and Technical Advisor services. UDC Specializes in GE, Westinghouse and Alstom Machines with other makes such as Delaval, Allis Chalmers and Mitsubishi on request. Periodic Turbine inspections are required to identify underlying problems with original design, operational tendencies, and hidden conditions that may contribute to future damage and failure.
UDC recommends Turbine Inspections should be performed annually, by an independent, qualified professional company that is dedicated to the power generation industry, prolonging the useful life of the Turbine, and has no financial interest in the scope of recommended repairs. 
Our services include, but are not limited to inspecting LP Turbines, HP Turbines, HP/IP Turbines , Diaphragms, Blade Rings and Blade Carriers. HP,HP/IP, LP inner and outer Turbine Shells, Turbine Journal and Thrust Bearings, All Turbine and Main Steam Bolting, Main Steam welds, Main Stop, Reheat Stop, Control and Intercept Valve bolting, bodies and all internals, Generator and Exciter Retaining Rings, Generator and Exciter Fans and Fan Blades Generator and Exciter Journal Bearings, Generator and Exciter Couplings and Shafts, Generator top teeth, Boiler Feed Pump Turbines, BFP Stationary Blades and Shells, BFP couplings and spool pieces. Methods performed would be UT, MT, PT and VT. We can also do Video (Camera Work) Hardness Testing and Metallograhic Replications. 
Additional inspection options can be included per your request; we can also discuss any other Turbine related Inspection Request not listed.

Our priority is quality job performance and customer satisfaction. These services are underpinned with a unique Checks and Balances Policy. The policy pulls together a complete team approach placing high regard to accountability for personal actions during inspections for both the project team leader and individual inspectors. This policy provides an additional layer of quality assurance and control for each job performed.